Hempel launches fuel-saving antifouling coatings

Coatings manufacturer, Hempel, has launched a new antifouling coating that claims to reduce vessel speed loss by 2.5%, significantly lowering fuel consumption and emissions.

The Globic 9500M (maintenance) and Globic 9500S (static) coatings have been developed using nano acrylate technology that brings biocides to the surface of the hull to ensure a smooth and no-friction area.

The nano acrylate technology enables consistent self-polishing and a constantly thin later to ensure uniform biocide release over the entire docking interval. It provides immediate antifouling protection without the need for water friction.

The microfibers in the paints also ensure they have a best-in-class strength to avoid cracking and peeling.

The Globic coatings are particularly beneficial for ships slow steaming and those that have long idle periods. According to Hempel, the paints will last for 60+ months and are suitable for all vessels at all speeds and retain excellent colour stability.

Globic 9500M protects against slime, soft, and hard fouling in all conditions while GlobicS protects against hard-fouling even during extended outfitting periods.