Hempel introduces Selektope antifouling ingredient into latest coating

Marine coatings manufacturer, Hempel, has selected the unique antifouling ingredient, Selektope, for use in its latest product.

Selektope is an organic, non-mental compound that repels barnacles from ships’ hulls by temporarily stimulating their receptors. This renders them unable to attach themselves to the hull or other surface of a ship. According to the Swedish company that developed Selektope, I-TECH, this neurological effect on the barnacles is temporary.

Selektope has a very high efficacy at extremely low concentrations, benefits from an ultra-low leaching rate and is flexible enough to boost or replace copper-based paint formulations.

Hempel’s GLOBIC 9500S now features the Selektope ingredient. Ships that are idle during the outfitting process often suffer from intense fouling, reducing the performance of the vessel once it leaves the shipyard. By using an antifouling solution that ensures static performance during outfitting, the opportunity for barnacles to attach themselves to a vessel and increase friction, is reduced.

A more effective antifouling coating will result in a smoother surface, less resistance, and decreased fuel consumption. This also minimises maintenance costs.

Philip Chaabane, CEO I-TECH AB, states: “As demand for Selektope soars, the number of antifouling products that contain our unique bio-repellent ingredient is increasing and we are proud that Hempel has selected our technology in response to market demand.

“It is yet more proof that our product is boosting the performance of sophisticated antifouling systems under harsh fouling conditions, such as those experienced during outfitting. Selektope is clearly adding value to the products that the major players offer. We recommend specifiers seek to establish what options coatings suppliers have to keep hulls free of hard fouling, and whether they are offering a truly organic alternative that achieves unmatched results.”