Langh Tech scrubbers and waste water treatment system delivered to containerships

Langh Tech’s hybrid scrubber and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) water treatment system will be installed to container vessels for Eimskip Island ehf and Royal Arctic Line.

The vessels will feature MAN Diesel & Turbo two-stroke main engines that will be equipped with EGR systems to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides from diesel engines. Utilising the EGR method helps ships comply with the IMO’s Tier III standards on NOx emissions.

When an EGR system is used, around a third of the exhaust gas is washed with a scrubbing unit. Particles are removed from the exhaust gas before it is recycled back into the engine. This process uses water, which is continuously cleaned using a water treatment system during EGR operation.

Once cleaned by a water treatment system, the water can be fed back to continue circulating or be sent overboard with minimal harm to the environment.

Langh Tech’s water treatment technology will also treat water from its hybrid scrubber, which is used to reduce emissions of sulphur oxides. The combined water treatment system saves space onboard and requires only one chemical compound, caustic soda, to tackle both SOx and NOx emissions. This eliminates the need for additional chemicals such as urea, which is required for other methods of NOx removal, such as by a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

Langh Tech’s system is based on membrane filtration technology. This ensures low operational costs and waste compression into small amounts of dry sludge.

The vessels have been designed by Deltamarin and will be built at the Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard in China