ABB launches situational awareness solution

ABB’s has launched its situational awareness solution that is set to make shipping operations more efficient and safer.

The ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision is a technology that allows officers anywhere on a ship or onshore to see the vessel’s surroundings from a variety of perspectives.

Using the latest advances in sensor technology, the Marine Pilot Vision creates a virtual model of the ship that is superimposed on real surroundings, making it possible to see the ship’s operation from a third person’s viewing point.

The officer will be able to instantaneously switch between views, enabling easier predictions on vessel motions. This will help officers with their operational decision-making to increase the ship’s fuel efficiency.

The solution will also make officers alert to hidden obstacles or collision risks to enhance safety.

ABB is certain that the solution will improve situational awareness. It will enable shoreside remote services, providing unrestricted views of the surroundings from any location onboard or onshore.

According to ABB, the solution marks an important step in ABB’s digital strategy and indicates the next step in remotely controlled and autonomous ships.

Mikko Lepisto, Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions at ABB Marine & Ports says ““Computer vision has advanced significantly in recent years. With this new solution, ABB is leveraging that in order to present the ship and its environment in ways beyond ordinary perception. Crucially, we can do this in real-time in an intuitive fashion, which does not distract the crew from their work. In this sense, Ability Marine Pilot Vision extends the capabilities of the human senses.

ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision will be introduced to the general public for the first time during the tech event Slush, which is being held in Helsinki between 30 November and 1 December.