Viking Grace fitted with Blueflow Energy Management System

Blueflow Energy Management system has been installed on the sixth out of seven Viking Line ships.

The energy management system monitors ships’ fuel consumption, position, speed and more to ensure maximum operational efficiency. Data is analysed and reports are then generated automatically within minutes to show the results.

The latest vessel to be fitted with the fuel monitoring and reporting software is the liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuelled passenger ferry, Viking Grace.

Viking Line uses Blueflow Energy Management’s system to monitor fuel consumption and electricity used across its fleet. It will also help Viking Line monitor and report its ships’ CO2 emissions on an annual basis, in line with the requirements of the upcoming European Union’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (EU MRV) regulation.

The data and analysis generated by Blueflow Energy Management enables Viking Line to detect deviations or under-optimised routines in real-time and suggest alternatives, according to Ulf Hagström, SVP Marine Operations, Viking Line.

Hagström says that officers onboard have already benefited from using the software to adjust operating methods and reduce energy consumption. Viking Line is confident that Blueflow Energy Management will minimise the efforts needed to comply with the upcoming EU MRV regulation.

The seventh and final Viking Line vessel is expected to be fitted with the Blueflow Energy Management solution by the end of 2017.