Canadian Government announces vessel management initiative to address marine traffic issues

The Canadian Government has launched a programme to reduce marine traffic along Canada’s coastline and help the shipping industry carrying out safer operations.

CAD $1.9m will be assigned to the Proactive Vessel Management initiative over the next three years to help reduce local marine traffic issues.

The money will be used to help identify where local management actions could reduce conflicts between marine users and minimise environmental impacts by implementing routing and speed controls.

The Proactive Vessel Management initiative is part of the Government of Canada’s Oceans Protection Plan, of which CAD $450m has already been announced for investment.

The Government of Canada will work with coastal communities, Indigenous peoples, industry, provincial and municipal governments, and non-governmental organisations to develop a framework to guide how these conflicts are managed.

This new action will allow Canada’s marine shipping industry to be better equipped for safe and responsible passage, and better prepared to protect the marine environment and coastal communities in times of emergency.