VIKING MES cuts servicing costs

VIKING’s VEC Plus is VIKING’s latest marine evacuation system (MES) that is expected to reduce servicing and administration costs associated with MES.

Traditionally, an entire MES must be removed from the vessel and transported to a certified service facility for mandatory testing. It will undergo these tests and then be returned to the vessel. The mandatory testing procedure must be carried out once per year. This takes time, up to six days, and is therefore costly to shipowners and operators.

The VIKING VEC Plus has fewer mechanical parts, which means that it only needs to be serviced four times over a ten year period. This reduces the frequency of removing the MES and shutting down the vessel for the testing period.

Niels Fraende, VP Sales for Cruise & LifeCraft at VIKING says “VIKING has simplified the design of traditional MES and increased deployment safety by removing more than 40% of the technical components while using gravity-based rather than mechanical launching. This makes it easier for the crew to efficiently operate the system and for our technicians to service the system on board the vessel as well.”

In addition to the system itself, each VIKING VEC Plus comes with the VIKING Saatsea 24.7 onboard computer-based crew training solution to ensure that crew members are certified and able to use the MES in an emergency. This allows ship managers to view crew competencies and track and report their training progress.

VEC Plus can be installed as a retrofit solution or to newbuilds. If chosen for a newbuild vessel, the solution can reduce installation time and costs at the shipyard as the simplified system enables shipowners to incorporate new operating cost-efficiencies into their vessels, according to Fraende.

VIKING VEC Plus will be on display at Marintec 2017, Shanghai, stand N1D61-9.