DNV GL issues over 50,000 electronic certificates in four months

DNV GL issues over 50,000 electronic certificates in four months

DNV GL has issued more than 50,000 electronic certificates since it launched its IMO-compliant service four months ago.

According to DNV GL, more than 6,000 vessels of the classed fleet are now trading with one or more electronic class and statutory certificates. These digitally signed electronic certificates now represent nearly 80% of all certificates issued by DNV GL since the roll out. 52 Flag States accept the certificates, with more expected to accept them over the coming year.

“We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from our customers and the industry as a whole,” says Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO of DNV GL – Maritime. “Many owners have opted not to wait for their first scheduled survey to shift vessels to the new certificates, but have asked to move their whole fleet onto the new system. Our goal for 2018 is to have every vessel in the fleet using electronic certificates in conjunction with their periodic survey.”

Digital certificates are faster and more efficient than paper ones. They eliminate the need for all documentation papers to be carried and checked at each port throughout a ship’s voyage, which is safer and less wasteful.

DNV GL’s electronic certificates are published on the class society’s customer portal immediately after an on-board survey is completed. This allows all relevant parties to access the latest certificates from anywhere in the world. A digital signature and unique tracking number secures the electronic certificates, which can be checked online, assuring their validity and authenticity. Customers can choose to share access to their certificates with stakeholders.

Ørbeck-Nilssen says that the electronic certificates have generated good savings for DNV GL’s customers and gives them the additional benefit of having constant access to new and updated certificates on the fleet status portal and through email subscription. “Vessels issued with electronic certificates have successfully been through close to 1,000 port state inspections worldwide. The port state process is also made more efficient, by enabling owners to use a secure electronic certificate folder to grant temporary access to authorities through our fleet status portal.”

Click here to watch a short DNV GL video demonstrating the digital certification process.