Cooperation concept to push innovative thinking in maritime trade

Cooperation concept to push innovative thinking in maritime trade
Courtesy of MacGregor.

Cargotech company, MacGregor, and international maritime business platform, SeaFocus, have announced a cooperation concept that will see them create new cooperation models to drive more efficient maritime trade and industry innovation.

Intelligence Hunt is a concept developed by Seafocus that brings companies and cross-faculty international university students together. The idea is to “create new ways of thinking and sharing best practises to collaborate with universities and their students”, says Henri Paukku, Director, Cooperation and Funding, MacGregor.

While the shipping industry is very traditional, utilising communication and cooperation strategies will bring companies together, enhance the development of technologies, and drive forward their applications, says Paukku. He believes that improving the profitability, efficiency, safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability of its customers’ operations is best done by establishing close collaboration networks among its customers and other stakeholders.

“Sharing best practices and innovative industry-specific solutions will benefit the marketplace as a whole and ensure its future sustainability,” he says.

Following the company’s ‘So much potential. Let’s not waste it’ discussion in 2016, MacGregor has strived to enhance collaborations for the future of sustainable and efficient shipping operations.

Ulla Keino CEO, SeaFocus, adds, “I am very proud of MacGregor’s trust in us to form a two-year strategic partnership with the SeaFocus executive maritime business platform. I sincerely believe that our joint efforts will result directly or indirectly to our stakeholders’ increased profitability and productivity in the years to come.”