LR and Hanseaticsoft take ship management to the cloud

LR and Hanseaticsoft take ship management to the cloud

Lloyd’s Register and maritime software provider, Hanseaticsoft, have joined forces to deliver improved efficiency in ship management processes.

Lloyd’s Register clients will benefit from access to Hanseaticsoft’s cloud based ship management software, Cloud Fleet Manager, which aims to eliminate the problems of incomplete information and lack of uniform data that shipping companies are often faced with.

Cloud Fleet Manager centralises vessel data and makes it available for all involved parties, regardless of their time or location. The software offers a single, web-based source of information for all employees, as well as the crews at sea and external partners. More than 25 applications are available as part of the software, which include information on a vessel’s purchase, inspections and audits, schedule and agents, crewing, chartering, risk assessment, and maintenance. By offering all of the data on one platform, information can be shared easily, allowing all involved to access the same reliable and consistent data. Additional work, such as requesting and forwarding of information can be drastically reduced.

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director of Hanseaticsoft, says “The cloud is being embraced by some of the world’s leading shipping companies who are taking advantage of increasingly affordable and accessible cloud platforms to implement smarter, faster and more effective processes. Having up-to-date and reliable information available in real time supports better decision making, helps companies reduce costs, increases the return on investment and drives economies of scale from a single ship to the fleet.”

Buchmann explains that the software allows companies to work collaboratively and share up-to-date critical business information, as well as manage all of their processes in an efficient, accurate, and reliable way.

“The technological revolution within the shipping industry is already underway for these early adopters. It’s expected that more companies will follow their lead over the next few years in a bid to gain competitive edge and ensure their long-term survival and profitability,” he continues.

According to Hanseaticsoft, its software can be used by any employee thanks to its simple design and interface and is available on tablets or smartphones to provide flexible access. Distinctive icons and colour coding support the clear design and help to flag urgent actions and to set priorities.

David Barrow, Lloyd’s Register, Director, Innovation, Marketing and Sales, Marine and Offshore adds: “We will be working closely with Hanseaticsoft this year to support our clients on their digital journey. Hanseaticsoft is one of the major players in the industry offering innovative technology solutions and fresh perspectives that significantly improve business performance and we are pleased to be able to offer their services to our clients.”