UKHO releases new edition of passage planning publication

UKHO releases new edition of passage planning publication

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has published a new edition of ADMIRALTY Ocean Passages for the World, which is designed to support mariners in planning deep sea voyages along major trade routes. It includes details of weather, currents, ice hazards, and other environmental features that may be met in transit.

The new edition of Ocean Passages for the World, which is available as an ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publication (AENP) and as a paper publication, features updated route diagrams, tabulated waypoints and route data to help mariners find key information quickly.

Using AIS tracking data, the UKHO has identified the world’s busiest trading routes in the new edition and those that are emerging due to shifting global macroeconomic trends. New route additions include voyages for ships calling at important commodity hubs in the Black Sea and Persian Gulf and further information for ships travelling to developing or newly established ports in Asia, Africa, and South America.

The new information will be used to support planning on the bridge and to calculate routes and arrival times. According to UKHO, the information will help to give mariners and shore-based staff a greater understanding of trade routes to support efficient planning for bridge crews worldwide.

Neil Salter, Miscellaneous Publication Manager at the UKHO, says: “Improvements in technology have enabled us to radically change the way in which we compile all of our publications, but ‘Ocean Passages for the World’ has particularly benefitted from the insights that can be gained through analysing large amounts of data.

For this new edition, the UKHO has assembled a team with diverse skills to collate and assess over 8 billion pieces of data to produce an informed view of world trading patterns and routes that form the network of global trade.”

In addition to paper format, ADMIRALTY Ocean Passages for the World volumes are available as ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications.