Star Bulk to test EMP’s energy-saving technologies

Star Bulk to test EMP’s energy-saving technologies
Eco Marine Power’s EnergySail solution, courtesy of EMP

Eco Marine Power (EMP) and Star Bulk have signed a Memorandum of Understanding covering a joint study project on the feasibility of using EMP’s technologies on existing and new bulk carriers.

The MoU will look at how equipment including solar panels, batteries, and other devices can be installed on board ships. The project will examine how EMP’s solutions that help the shipping industry reduce its emissions, save fuel, and operate more sustainably, can be applied to different ship types to promote the use of renewable energy in shipping.

EMP’s existing solutions include its Aquarius MRE, a patented solution comprising rigid sails and marine-grade solar panels, energy storage modules and marine computers that enable ships to tap into renewable energy by harnessing the power of the wind and the sun. EMP’s Aquarius includes the rigid sail device, EnergySail, which uses wind power to generate propulsion while a ship is at anchor or in port.

The study will estimate the amount of power needed to provide renewable energy along selected routes and for specific ship types. Fuel Oil Consumption (FOC) and emissions savings will be calculated and issues related to safety and cargo handling will be considered.

Teramoto Iron Works and The Furukawa Battery will also be involved in the two-year joint study project to assist with resolving issues related to battery installation on ships using customised battery frame kits as well as self-contained marine battery housing modules.