TrueProp Software announces JIP on propeller inspection

TrueProp Software announces JIP on propeller inspection

TrueProp Software, a company that developed software for marine propeller inspection, has announced the launch of the new Improved Propeller Inspection and Metrology Joint Industry Project (JIP).

The six-member JIP will address the development of methods and software code for improvements in propeller inspection, geometric modeling, and compliance standards.

The purpose of the project is to carry out geometric inspections of propellers’ blade shapes in order to generate high quality assurance for new propeller manufacture and propeller repairs.  According to TrueProp Software, the JIP will identify and resolve a number of deficiencies in metrology, compliance criteria, and inspection practices to improve workflow productivity, increase cost savings, and increase connectivity for new and legacy inspection devices.

The group of six companies, led by TrueProp Software, includes HydroComp, Linden Propeller, Padgett-Swann Machinery, Wildcat Propellers, and Argonaut Enterprises. The companies will participate in development, application, and testing of new modules in the TruePropTM propeller inspection software

The project began on February 23rd, 2018.