Aquabotix and Water Linked integrate ROVs with enhanced underwater GPS

Aquabotix and Water Linked integrate ROVs with enhanced underwater GPS

Aquabotix, the company that develops portable underwater vehicles, has announced a partnership with Norwegian technology supplier, Water Linked. The partnership will integrate Water Linked’s Underwater GPS system with Aquabotix’s Endura remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to give better underwater positioning for various applications including vessel tank and hull inspections.

Some ROV’s have limited position system options due to their large physical size and high cost. Water Linked’s Underwater GPS system relies on acoustics to transmit data through the water and is able to operate in challenging environments, such as water tanks, and shallow waters within ports.

“Water Linked and Aquabotix share a common mission to make underwater missions easier and more effective. As a technology leader that’s disrupting underwater acoustics through performance, price and physical size, we’re confident that Water Linked’s enhanced positioning capabilities will help generate greater user experiences for our Endura ROV customers,” says David Batista, CEO of Aquabotix.

The Endura ROV promises simple and portable use. It can be customised with a variety of sensors to complete simple or complex missions. It features five knots of thrust and six degrees freedom of motion to allow users to control the robot intuitively. The underwater ROV can also be piloted by Aquabotix’s Live Remote Control technology, which enables real-time maneuvering of the vehicle from any web browser-enabled device, remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Image: Water Linked’s Underwater GPS on an Endura ROV.