ClassNK releases Guidelines on drones

ClassNK releases Guidelines on drones

ClassNK has released its Guidelines for Use of Drones in Class Surveys, which outline the range and procedures, technical considerations, and service supplier requirements for using drones as part of class surveys.

The rapid pace of development of drone-related technologies is leading to their increased use in field inspections and surveys. However, there are a number of aspects that must be considered for their safe and efficient use.

ClassNK states that when using drones in places such as the cargo hold or ballast tank, there must be acknowledgement for the possibility of incorrect drone functioning inside a closed space surrounded by magnetic material, which may interfere with the drone sensors that are closely related to flight stability.

For this reason, ClassNK established a R&D Roadmap in September 2017, which describes efforts related to drones in the item Survey Technology Innovation. In January 2017, the Society began a full-scale study of the use of drones in class surveys, and has conducted various types of verifications by carrying out basic performance experiments and experiments to test flight inside ship tanks and cargo holds.

The latest Guidelines published by ClassNK include the applicable range and procedures for using drones for class surveys and the technical considerations that should be made relating to sage operation. The Guidelines also feature the requirements for drone service suppliers.

The guidelines are available to download free of charge via ClassNK’s website under My Page.