Alfa Laval HCO filter approved by MAN Diesel & Turbo

Alfa Laval HCO filter approved by MAN Diesel & Turbo

Alfa Laval’s Moatti 290 filter for hydraulic control oil (HCO) has received approval from MAN Diesel & Turbo on its modern two-stroke engines.

The Moatti 290 filter is specifically suited for new generation MAN Diesel & Turbo two-stroke engines that have hydraulic control systems in replace of traditional camshafts. These systems have valves that are actuated by a small flow of lube oil, which requires fine filtering without additional pressure drop. The new Alfa Laval filter uses Atrium technology to do this, increasing filtering surface within a compact space.

The approval by MAN Diesel & Turbo came following validation tests board three Stena Bulk IMOIIMAX vessels. According to the companies, the HCO filter’s performance exceeded all expectations.

Herve Gourdon, Business Manager, Filters at Alfa Laval said: “We are extremely proud to have the Alfa Laval Moatti 290 filter validated for use with HCO systems. This is the culmination of 10 years of intense cooperation, development and testing.”

The filter spent over 24,000 hours in concept testing aboard the Suezmax crude oil tanker, Stena Suede.

After almost two years of operation on Stena Suède, we tested the finalized design for 3000 hours on three other vessels,” added Gourdon. “MAN Diesel & Turbo approval was issued when the first vessel passed that mark, acknowledging our filter’s performance with hydraulic control oil.”

The Alfa Laval Moatti 290 filter is built to the most recent MAN Diesel & Turbo recommendations, which require both an automatic filter and a redundant filter with high enough efficiency to retain particles of 6 µm and below. These are incorporated into the same frame, with a specially designed changeover valve to prevent any leakage during maintenance.

The redundant filter, which is manually cleanable, can be used not only during maintenance, but also for initial oil cleaning or when new oil is added into the system. It is not used, however, to clean the small flow of oil that provides continuous back-flushing. Instead, this flow is cleaned in a diversion chamber before it is returned to the sump.

No electricity or air supply is required as the back-flushing of the filter is driven by the pressure of the oil itself.

Alfa Laval Moatti 290 filter covers the majority of MAN Diesel & Turbo two-stroke engines, with focus on the more common mid-range sizes. Coverage for the very largest and smallest engines is expected to follow.