MFT automates Blending-on-Board technology

MFT automates Blending-on-Board technology

Maersk Fluid Technology (MFT) has added software to its SEA-Mate Blending-on-Board (BOB) technology to enable automated production of Fit-for-Purpose cylinder lubrication using data received from sensors on board.

MFT’s BOB technology enables blending of the in-use system oil with a high BN cylinder oil product to produce a Fit-for-Purpose cylinder lubricant, with the appropriate BN cylinder oil. This solution has been patented and is marketed as SEA-Mate Blending-on-Board and has been approved by MAN B&W and Wärtsilä/WinGD.

SEA-Mate BOB is that it provides a continuous refresh of the system oil in the crank case, reversing the typical deterioration of the in-use system oil. This generates clean oil with excellent detergency. By refreshing the system oil, the viscosity of fresh oil is maintained (fresh oil viscosity is thinner as it increases in thickness over time) which enhances mechanical efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.

The use of this technology can also alleviate issues such as cold corrosion and excessive cylinder wear and mitigate issues associated with worn system oil causing problems for the hydraulic control system in modern, electronic controlled two-stroke engines.

The SEA-Mate BOB product line has comprised of three models; B500, B1000 and B3000. Each model has a different capacity, making the range suitable for different engine sizes.

The new model range, B500 Mk2, B1000 Mk2, B3000 will be similar in terms of characteristics to previous models, but the B500 Mk2 and B1000 Mk2 will feature a different control system. The B1000 Mk2 will have the option to be an automated model of the BOB system, using output signals from the ship’s Engine Control System and additional external sensors for engine condition as input parameters. This will provide the necessary information required to safely operate system and engines by optimising the cylinder oil properties.

Henrik Bak Weimar, Technical & Operational Manager, Maersk Fluid Technology, said: “Maersk Fluid Technology, as a manufacturer of BOB systems, we continuously strive to improve the BOB technology to deliver new generations of all models for our customers. Our developments of the automated versions of the BOB system models are a result of extensive operational experience on board vessels. The new generation of blenders meets expectation of modern engines’ operators.”