Hempel reaches milestone with 1000th antifouling application

Hempel reaches milestone with 1000th antifouling application

Hempel has applied its antifouling coating, Hempaguard, to more than 1000 ships to date, totalling a combined bunker saving of USD 400m and a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than three million tonnes per year.

Hempel claims its antifouling coating achieves six per cent fuel savings over the entre docking interval. The coating prevents biofouling on ships’ hulls and surfaces, reducing resistance and streamlining a ship’s movement through water. Hempaguard X7 reportedly has 95 per cent less biocide than traditional antifoulings while Hempaguard X5 gives efficient fouling prevention during the entire service interval for up to 36 months for any type of vessel with any trading pattern.

The antifouling coating has been on the market for five and a half years and has been applied to a variety of vessel types. The coating contains Actiguard technology that combines a smooth silicone coating with the consistent release of limited biocides through a hydrogel layer.

Hempel’s Global Product Manager, Henrik Dyrholm, commented: “Reaching this significant number of full vessel applications for Hempaguard in such a short time-period is a true testament to the value-added delivered by this innovative product. We have proven that Hempaguard delivers up to six percent fuel savings and retains its effectiveness during extended idle periods of up to 120 days.”

Image courtesy of Hempel.