ABB turbochargers selected for COSCO containership

ABB turbochargers selected for COSCO containership

COSCO Shipping has installed ABB’s turbochargers to its 21,000+ TEU containership, COSCO Shipping Universe.

The containership, which was delivered in June 2018 by Jiangnan Shipyard, is China’s largest containership to be equipped with the turbochargers. COSCO Shipping Universe is fitted with three ABB A180-l two-stroke turbochargers to match the diesel main engine and four ABB TPL67-C33 four-stroke turbochargers to match four auxiliary engines.

ABB turbochargers have also been selected for all main and auxiliary engines across six 21,000 TEU containerships being delivered for the Universe series by 2019.

The ABB A100 series include compliance with IMO Tier II and Tier III emission limits, reduce fuel consumption, improve operational flexibility, reliability, and availability, and permit long intervals between inspections, routine maintenance and overhauls. They also claim to improve operational safety with rigorous testing and reduced engine room size.

Oliver Riemenschneider, managing director, ABB Turbocharging, said it was an honour to support COSCO SHIPPING Lines.

He said: “We are proud to support COSCO SHIPPING Lines, with premium ABB turbochargers selected for all of the main and auxiliary engines across the six mega container ships in the Universe series, including the record-breaking COSCO Shipping Universe recently delivered.”

“The ABB turbochargers on COSCO Shipping Universe will support maximum performance and fuel efficiency, in addition to contributing to COSCO SHIPPING Lines pursuing green shipping practices for long-term success. We foresee the ABB turbochargers on the forthcoming mega container ships in the Universe series will contribute similar viable operational gains.”

The TPL-C series is designed to meet growing market demand for greater power, efficiency and long operational life. The TPL-C series boasts a modular design with minimised spare parts for easy installation and service.

ABB Turbocharging also provides servicing support for all ABB turbochargers in use across the COSCO SHIPPING Lines fleet. Access to 24/7 servicing, 365 days a year, and guaranteed 98 per cent spare parts availability support maximum uptime.