Wärtsilä to expand underwater repair and maintenance services

Wärtsilä to expand underwater repair and maintenance services

Wärtsilä has announced that it is in the process of expanding its underwater services to reduce unscheduled dry-dockings and improve the operational efficiency of vessels.

The Finnish company is currently developing an environmentally sound method for underwater hull cleaning that aims to “cover close to 100 per cent of the submerged hull” confirmed Tamara de Gruyter, vice president, Area North Europe, Wärtsilä Services.

Repair of vessels does not always match their planned maintenance schedules. Underwater repair and maintenance work enables vessels to continue operating without having to dry-dock, saving time and cost for the owner and operator of the vessel. According to Wärtsilä, the company’s underwater repair and maintenance services include the overhaul of propulsion systems, hull cleaning and propeller polishing, welding repairs and cofferdam repair, and retrofitting of some components of exhaust gas cleaning systems. Some complex overhauls can be carried out underwater, changing the nature of vessel repairs and maintenance.

“Reduced fuel consumption, efficiency improvements, and higher utilisation rates are always on the top of operators’ agenda. With our in-house specialist teams of certified diver technicians and propulsion experts, we are equipped to offer our customers underwater services on a truly global scale,” Ms Gruyter, added.

The company also plans to integrate Trident services with Eniram’s analytics to improve fuel efficiency by optimising the hull cleaning cycle. Last year, Wärtsilä acquired Trident B.V, a provider of commercial diving services, making it the first Original Equipment Manufacturer with a global underwater services footprint. Future plans will see Trident’s underwater technicians working with their engineering colleagues at Wärtsilä to support them in product design that facilitates easy underwater maintenance.