MacGregor launches breakbulk optimiser

MacGregor launches breakbulk optimiser

MacGregor, part of Cargotec, has introduced a new breakbulk cargo stowage solution, the Breakbulk Optimiser, which enables operators to rapidly and optimally plan the stowage of different cargoes, increasing vessel utilisation rates and improving business performance.

The solution optimises breakbulk vessel stowage plans by taking into consideration all influencing factors including what cargo is already on board, incoming cargoes, available cargo space, the actual capability of the cargo handling system, port rotations, and vessel stability.

Presently, breakbulk stowage planning largely relies on time-consuming and manual planning processes, based on the capability and experience of an individual planner or team of planners. Sometimes, cargo no-shows and last-minute changes increase the time it takes to complete an optimal stowage plan.

According to Magnus Sjöberg, senior vice president, Cargo Handling, MacGregor, the solution is the first automated cloud-based application that will optimise stowage of breakbulk and general cargoes. “It makes full use of MacGregor’s expertise in cargo handling systems combined with Navis’ expertise in loading computers and stowage planning know-how on container ships,” said Sjöberg.

Tommi Keskilohko, director, customer innovations, Cargo Handling, MacGregor confirmed that the new solution takes into account the last-minute changes that increase time of stowage operations. He said: “The new solution can easily accommodate these last-minute changes and enables customers to identify predefined key performance indicators at a ship, voyage, rotation or fleet level. Pilot cases on board customer vessels have verified that the amount of cargo that can be carried can be increased substantially, which increases operational efficiency and earning potential.

He added that there is a lot of potential for process improvements. “Time-savings in planning processes and the transparency of fact-based information are just a few of these. Reduced environmental impact is another as vessels are running at much higher utilisation rates.

“The utilisation rates of breakbulk and general cargo vessels tend to be relatively low and fleet-wide key performance indicators are rarely known or recorded. Our aim is to help customers improve their businesses and MacGregor’s new Breakbulk Optimiser is a perfect match for that.”

The new pioneering Breakbulk Optimiser is available for new and existing vessels and can be used for one vessel or the whole fleet.