Ascenz launches smart tool for mass flowmeter bunker operations

Ascenz launches smart tool for mass flowmeter bunker operations
Image courtesy of Ascenz

Singapore-based technology company Ascenz has launched a tool to improve bunker supply operations using machine-learning.

The Shipulse Smart Bunkering tool rates and scores mass flowmeter (MFM) bunker supply operations, automatically analysing various bunker profiles at the same time and displaying overall efficiency.

Abnormalities in bunkering operations are highlighted, providing the opportunity for those involved in marine fuel supply to investigate further. The tool will be particularly useful to those overseeing marine refuelling operations on a daily basis, including fuel buyers, port authorities, and bunker surveyors, reports the Manifold Times.

The Manifold Times says that MFMs can capture data in a bunker profile as a vessel is refuelling using advanced algorithms developed from machine-learning technology.

According to Ascenz, shipowners and operators will be able to measure and score the quality of fuel procured for future reference. Atypical bunkering events that may indicate contamination or loss of fuel quality will be highlighted by the tool so that further investigation can be sought.