Seagull Maritime and Jotun launch e-learning paint maintenance modules

Seagull Maritime and Jotun launch e-learning paint maintenance modules

Seagull Maritime and Jotun have launched a set of e-learning modules on paint maintenance to help owners and operators improve the maintenance and effectiveness of their ships’ on-board paint.

The e-learning modules will focus on in-service treatments and how in-service maintenance can limit or prevent deterioration to paint from corrosion, which can have long-term cost implications. As well as maintaining the life of a ship, better maintenance makes a ship more attractive to owners, charterers, and inspectors.

Seagull Maritime believes that proper paint maintenance starts with thorough surface preparation and good application technique.

Roger Ringstad, managing director, Seagull Maritime said: “By collaborating with Jotun, one of the world’s leading provider of coating solutions in the marine industry, we are confident that these new hands-on e-learning modules will assist managers and crewmembers to improve onboard paint maintenance. In today’s maritime operations, sustainability and cost reduction are topics we see on every agenda. By doing the work properly, these costs will be reduced, and by using the best coating solutions, sustainability will be maintained.”

The e-learning modules aim to increase the understanding of painting in a marine environment and assist in training crew in the safe and effective application of paint.

Stine Floberg, global technical training manager, Marine and Protective Coatings, Jotun added: “By having a well planned and executed Onboard Maintenance Program, the appearance and the performance of the coating will meet the expectations of both the crew member using it, and the owners who invest in it.  The ship will be a more attractive proposition to charterers and will be more likely to pass audits and inspections.”

Subject areas in the six-part series include:

  • Inspection, planning and stock-keeping
  • Health and Safety
  • Surface preparation
  • Paint preparation and application
  • Corrosion
  • Paint technology and coating life-cycle

Image courtesy of Seagull Maritime.