Clearwater Tracking and DNK insurance develop vessel monitoring solution

Clearwater Tracking and DNK insurance develop vessel monitoring solution
William Unwin, CEO, Clearwater

UK-based technology company, Clearwater Tracking, has teamed up with Norwegian maritime war risk insurance club Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib (DNK) to provide a hardware and software solution for near real-time monitoring of ship positions and breach reporting.

The system, which has been developed between the two parties over the last 18 months, provides a digital platform for maritime insurance, operations and management. Advanced satellite technology from ORBCOMM is deployed for cost-effective, near real-time data on vessel position, breach reporting and other on-board information.

Reporting when a ship enters or leaves a high-risk area has previously depended on manual routines. Each shipowner is responsible for filing reports directly to DNK. Clearwater technology offer automation of all reporting and interfaces directly with the Paris insurance system delivered by Norway’s Noria company, eliminating delays or errors which may invalidate insurance.

The Clearwater solution features advanced high-capacity Raptor satellite transponder, developed in partnership with Orbcomm Inc. (Nasdaq ORBC), and a software suite that includes the Clearwater Portal supported by a 24-hour operations cell that provides crisis management response and global maritime intelligence alerts.

Raptor’s low-cost data transmission capability will enable fleet operators to access near real-time vessel positioning and any other on-board information that can improve both the efficiency and overall effectiveness of fleet operations and management.

Clearwater and DNK have agreed a programme of installations covering 2,700 vessels.

DNK chief executive Svein Ringbakken said: “The insurance business is witnessing rapid technological progress characterised by digitalisation and the interconnection of systems.”

“Our ambition in DNK is to be among the leaders of this development within marine insurance. The digital tracking system being offered to shipowners has been chosen primarily because it automates time-consuming processes on the insurance side. However, it’s also important that our member companies get the opportunity to use the information in their own operations and that other sensors can be tied in.”

Clearwater CEO, William Unwin added: “DNK has been an inspirational partner to work with and the solution that we have jointly developed is truly a market-leading innovation. The project represents a striking example of digital enterprise delivering tangible benefits to the Norwegian maritime community. DNK and Clearwater intend to scale this valuable innovation for the benefit of the wider marine markets.”