ClassNK launches software to analyse ship speed

ClassNK launches software to analyse ship speed

ClassNK has released PrimeShip-GREEN/ProSTA ver.ITTC, a software solution that calculates and analyses a ship’s speed for the energy efficiency design index (EEDI).

The software is in compliance with the latest International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) 2017 Guidelines (ITTC Recommended Procedures and Guidelines 7.5-04-01-01.1, Preparation, Conduct and Analysis of Speed/Power Trials; 2017) for EEDI verification.

The IMO has assigned two methods that calculate and analyse a ship’s speed in calm sea conditions, while eliminating the effects of external factors including wind, waves, current, water depth, and sea temperature.

In 2015, ClassNK released PrimeShip-GREEN/ProSTA,  a support tool for calculating a ship’s speed in compliance with ISO 15016:2015. To provide further technical support regarding ITTC 2017 Guidelines, ClassNK has developed PrimeShip-GREEN/ProSTA ver.ITTC, which has the same user-friendly interface as the former PrimeShip-GREEN/ProSTA and calculates a ship’s speed in accordance with ITTC 2017 Guidelines.

ClassNK has also released PrimeShip-GREEN/ProSTA ver.ISO, which adds more functions to the former PrimeShip-GREEN/ProSTA.

Further information on Primseship can be found here.