SEA Europe supports ambitious Horizon Europe programme

SEA Europe supports ambitious Horizon Europe programme

SEA Europe, provider of services and activities for the maritime civil and naval industries, has called on EU Institutions to support an ambitious Horizon Europe programme to improve research and innovation funding into clean mobility, including shipping.

In June, the European Commission launched Horizon Europe. With a budget of 97.6 billion, the programme aims to become biggest ever research and innovation funding for Europe’s waterbourne sector. It is hoped that the programme will allow this sector to make significant investments in clean transportation for regulatory compliance and improved environmental health.

The Horizon Europe programme is part of the EU’s proposal for a new EU budget for the period 2021 till 2027, known as the Multi-Annual Financial Framework.

Horizon Europe is designed around three pillars, including the “Global Challenges Pillar”. This pillar directly supports research for addressing societal challenges such as clean mobility. It consists of five clusters, including a cluster on “Climate, Energy and Mobility”, with a yearly budget of € 2 Billion.

SEA Europe’s secretary general, Christophe Tytgat, said: “SEA Europe welcomes and supports the proposal, as it builds on the success of Horizon 2020 and is designed to contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDGs), tackling societal challenges, including climate change, and to promote (technological) innovation. SEA Europe fully supports the European Parliament on the need for a minimum budget of €120 billion or more (up to 3% of the GDP) for Horizon Europe.”