Samsung smart ship solution receives LR AiP

Samsung smart ship solution receives LR AiP

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has received an approval in principle (AiP) from Lloyd’s Register (LR) for its smart ship solution, INTELLIMAN SHIP.

INTELLIMAN SHIP collects all types of on-board communications and automation equipment data on a real-time basis and sends it to the ground, making it possible to monitor the status of the ship on the ground. INTELLIMAN SHIP brings together ship operation technology and ICT to improve safe operation and optimisation of ships, while mitigating the risk of introducing vulnerabilities to cyber-attack.

The hardware and software that control processes, systems and equipment can be vulnerable to attack and affect safe and effective operation. LR says that risks for safe operation and security need to be identified, understood and mitigated to make sure that smart ship technologies are safely integrated into ship design.

The solution is the first to receive LR’s ‘Digital AL2 SAFE PERFORM SECURE’ notation, confirming compliance with LR’s new Digital Ships requirements.

SHI director of ship and offshore research institute, vice president, Dr. Yong-Lae Shim, commented: “We expect to see a number of assets in the marine and offshore industry using our INTELLIMAN smart ship solution in the near future. The system has consolidated functionality, integrated safety and cyber security capabilities which enable ship owners/operators to improve their operational efficiency. We are delighted to receive this AiP from LR – a leader in the marine and offshore digital transformation. In connection with this initiative, we will continue to develop the next generation of smart ship solutions together with our other offerings: BIG, S.VESSEL and S.FLEET, for our clients to see real commercial benefit. These systems will provide integrated management of all asset-related data between onboard and onshore safely and seamlessly.”

LR’s North Asia technical support offices manger, Mr. Young-Doo Kim, added: “We are pleased to present this AiP to SHI, confirming that their advanced smart ship solution is in compliance with our Digital Ships requirements. As more and more ships become digitally-enabled in order to enhance operational performance, we are glad to be working with SHI to drive innovation in this area to ensure that digital ship systems are well designed, safely integrated and have cyber resilience capabilities.”