ABB Turbocharging establishes branch office in Zhoushan, China

ABB Turbocharging establishes branch office in Zhoushan, China

ABB Turbocharging has announced a new branch office of ABB Jiangjin Turbo Systems in Zhoushan, China to extend the company’s maintenance and repair services.

Zhoushan is taking over 35 per cent of the total working load of ship repair for the country, according to ABB.. ABB’s hub in Zhoushan will offer customers ABB’s original spare parts and services, and more convenient access to maintenance and repair for all ABB turbocharger models and uses.

ABB anticipates the new location will reduce the time required for repairs and maintenance.

Mr. Jiang Haibo, head of industrial automation division, ABB China, said: “ABB Jiangjin Turbocharging System Zhoushan Branch is the first legal entity established by ABB in Zhoushan. It will be a valuable addition to our sales and service network in Zhoushan and the entire south-eastern coastal Yangtze River Delta region. It will help ABB remain closer to the needs of the market and serve our customers faster and better, as well as in the delivery of ABB’s mission ‘In China, for China, and for the world.”

ABB will cooperate with local partners to encourage growth and innocation and help drive regional industrial transformation. The new centre is also expected to enhance the economic development of Zhoushan and Zhejiang province.

“We are very optimistic about the future of Zhoushan. By leveraging ABB’s technical advantages in Internet of Things and digitalisation, through active participation in the construction of key projects and the economic development of Zhoushan, we are confident to achieve a ‘win-win’ collaboration,” added Mr Haibo.