GreenSteam launches next generation of fuel analysis platform

GreenSteam launches next generation of fuel analysis platform

GreenSteam has launched the next generation of its GreenSteam Manager (GSM) platform that offers advice on fuel efficient shipping.

GSM uses machine learning to build a precise vessel performance baseline. It calculates how much fuel is wasted and where, the cost of this, and analyses specific problem areas such as hull fouling and trim.

All of this information is displayed on a new dashboard that enables users to see where the most fuel is wasted and where they can make the biggest gains in efficiency. The dashboard displays potential savings for a fleet or individual vessel, compares energy sue to other vessels highlighting high and low performers, and benefits from live sat-AIS positions, ECA zones, and KPI performance.

The platform also analyses new technology by identifying and plotting changes in performance.

Daniel Jacobsen, GreenSteam CTO and co-founder, said: “The new GreenSteam Manager is more of a revolution than evolution. By applying our machine learning technology to vessel data enriched with MetOcean and other data, we can provide much more accurate performance baselines than those offered by traditional approaches.

However, we wanted to go beyond that; accuracy is a great starting point, but our goal is to make it as easy as possible for users make better operational decisions.

Through a user-centric design philosophy and by involving customers in the design, GSM now offers a highly intuitive user experience. You can quickly see the true performance of any vessel, highlight problem areas and make the best decisions to save fuel.”