Scrubbers will best position us for 2020, say DHT CEOs

Scrubbers will best position us for 2020, say DHT CEOs
Trygve P. Munthe, Co-CEO (left) and Svein Moxnes Harfjeld, Co-CEO (right)

DHT CEOs have confirmed the company is neither for nor against scrubbers but has taken the decision to retrofit two thirds of its VLCC fleet (16 vessels) with the technology as they feel this is the best way to position the company ahead of IMO 2020.

Trygve P. Munthe and Svein Moxnes Harfjeld, Co-CEOs confirmed that they believe scrubbers are the economical way to comply with the new regulation. The vessels to be fitted with scrubbers were built between 2004 and 2012 as they are the vessels that will gain the greatest economic benefits.

Two newbuildings have already been fitted with scrubbers. The total number of ships that are or will be operating with scrubbers by 2020 is 18, out of 27 ships.

DHT has also confirmed it has already prepared for the possibility that some ports may not permit scrubber operation. The company has configured its fuel tank lay-out, permitting carriage of various grades of fuels including 0.5 per cent compliant blends.