LR digitalises inspection and maintenance

LR digitalises inspection and maintenance

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has launched an SaaS-based Asset Performance Management (APM) platform that will optimise inspection and maintenance.

The digital platform, AllAssets, improves operational efficiencies and cost savings by providing risk insights through custom-built models. The web-based solution turns inspection and maintenance data into insights, pinpointing risks, enhancing asset and facility performance by up to 20 per cent, and reducing risk failure by 80 per cent. LR also claims the solution can achieve cost savings up to 50 per cent.

The purpose is to better assess, prioritise, manage, and maintain complex fixed assets, improving performance and clarity on maintenance and planning schedules.

AllAssets links with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to improve efficiencies further.

The solution is user-customable and built to enable individuals to modify processes to suit the needs of the technology. The user can either quickly create their own model or choose to edit an LR created one. LR can then calidate and certify any new models created to ensure they comply with regulations, industry standards, and software practices.

Tim Bisley, senior VP software, LR, said: “As organisations seek to do more with less, so the need for certainty, clarity and assurance becomes ever more critical. AllAssets has been developed in response to this and draws on LR’s extensive industry knowledge, engineering prowess and integrity and risk management experience. In many ways our expertise is embedded into the platform. Behind all the processes and schedules lie the skills and insights of individuals and teams tasked with managing the maintenance schedules. AllAssets empowers these individuals to rapidly capture and apply their practical knowledge and insights via the custom build models to optimise their maintenance operations.”