ABS and KOMERI sign MoU to advance LNG as a marine fuel

ABS and KOMERI sign MoU to advance LNG as a marine fuel

ABS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute (KOMERI) to create a new facility dedicated to improving the safety of LNG as fuel.

ABS and KOMERI will collaborate on research at the shoreside facility, which will allow shipowners to safely test fuel gas and bunkering systems, under actual loading conditions, prior to installation on-board.

The facility will be located in Busan and enable ship builders to optimise their on-board commissioning processes and provide enhanced opportunities for research and development of new technologies.

Peter Fitzpatrick, ABS vice president, Global Business Development, commented: “ABS is proud to partner with KOMERI on this important facility, which will help ensure safe and effective testing of new equipment and ultimately advance adoption of LNG. This project is another example of our commitment to advancing safety and evolution of new designs and applications for LNG as fuel.”

Kong Gil-Young, KOMERI president, added: “The LNG FGSS and Bunkering Equipment Test Facility of KOMERI will provide certification and technical engineering aid to marine equipment companies that seek efficient advance testing technology and safe development of their equipment. KOMERI expects this will meet increasing market demand from around the world through verification and cooperation with ABS.”