Columbia Shipmanagement opens performance optimisation control room in Cyprus

Columbia Shipmanagement opens performance optimisation control room in Cyprus
Socrates Theodosiou, co-CEO, Tototheo Maritime and Mark O’Neil, president, Columbia Shipmanagement

Columbia Shipmanagement has opened a high-tech Performance Optimisation Control Room in Cyprus.

The purpose of the Control Room is to optimise vessel performance by connecting technical, marine, crew, and commercial management department and functions. It will be manned 24/7 by qualified personnel who will optimise vessel safety, crew rotation and training, performance (speed, consumption, delay, weather routing), disaster avoidance, maintenance (including preventative maintenance through sensor and camera technology), and contractual compliance.

The Control Room will also allow remote monitoring with results uploaded to other Columbia offices and clients.

Captain Pankaj Sharma, manager of the Control Room, commented: “Centralising our operations will give us the ability to better deal with fast-changing scenarios and developments as they happen. With 24/7/365 support, our goal is to have even faster decision-making and greater visibility by using modern technology to achieve cost-efficient vessel operations.”

Mark O’Neil, president, Columbia, stated: “This project has been made possible through the excellent collaboration and support of our project partners Tototheo Maritime. It is a visible and tangible example of how digitalisation and technology can be harnessed for optimisation of vessel operation and management. Not only will it make us more attractive to our clients and potential clients, it will also make our clients more attractive to the market through optimised operation. The Performance Optimisation Control Room demonstrates Columbia’s commitment to its clients and to the provision of a thoroughly modern, digitalised and optimised service.”

“The leaps in communications and connectivity technology have been tremendous and we expect to see more changes in the coming years,” added Socrates Theodosiou, co-CEO, Tototheo Maritime. “Data has become a valuable asset for any organisation hoping to succeed in a highly competitive industry and we have all come to realise how important information is to daily operations and to strategic decision making; but it has to be the right information, delivered to the right people at the right time. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to apply our expert knowledge and skills to such a pioneering project.”

The opening ceremony was attended by Ms Natasa Pilides, deputy minister of shipping, Republic of Cyprus.