Polaris Shipping orders seven open-loop scrubbers

Polaris Shipping orders seven open-loop scrubbers
Langh Tech scrubber tower. Image courtesy of Langh Tech

Polaris Shipping will retrofit seven of its vessels with Langh Tech open-loop scrubbers.

The agreement between Langh Tech, Polaris Shipping, and STX Offshore & Shipbuilding (STX O&S) includes four 180K bulkers and three 300K VLOCs.

The scrubber installations will be done as turn key deliveries by STX O&S.

Delivery of components for the multi-inlet scrubbers will be completed in summer 2019 with installations following.

Langh Tech’s contract with Polaris Shipping marks the beginning of the company’s production of scrubbers in Korea, following its success in Europe. Mr. Simon Kim, regional manager, Korea said: “I believe that this scrubber retrofit contract with Polaris Shipping will be a great milestone for Langh Tech to cooperate with many other esteemed Korean shipping companies in the future.”

The scrubber manufacture is also starting to train local service and commissioning engineers for the Korean market. The company believes this will in the future safeguard short reaction time for service visits in Korean and other near-by ports.

“We look forward to further strengthen our position in the Korean market, both as component sales to new building yards and to retrofit installations,” added Langh Tech’s commercial director Laura Langh-Lagerlöf.