Netherlands launches Get Ready for Brexit campaign

Netherlands launches Get Ready for Brexit campaign

The Port of Rotterdam and PortBase, the cooperating sector organisations in Dutch ports, have launched a campaign website to help exporters, importers and their logistics service providers transport cargo quickly to the United Kingdom after Brexit.

The website,, focuses on informing and activating parties in the logistic chain, such as importers, exporters, carriers and freight forwarders.

Client journeys have been established per target group to show step-by-step which action needs to be taken by whom and when in order to import or export quickly via Dutch ports after March 29, 2019.

The cooperating parties have asked the logistics chain to participate in a joint solution for Brexit in Dutch ports. The uniform approach will ensure smooth handling of the customs formalities that will arise as a result of Brexit.

The campaign states that providing every link in the logistics chain participates and consistently uses Portbase in time to easily meet its obligations, transport through the Dutch ports will continue to flow smoothly. Without unnecessary delays due to customs issues.

The Get Ready for Brexit campaign is led by PortBase, port entrepreneur organisation Deltalinqs, interest organisation FENEX, evofenedex and Transport and Logistics Nederland/AFTO. The port authorities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, ferry operators and shortsea terminals have also been working with Dutch customs to create a 100 per cent digital and automated handling of customs formalities, with optimum reuse of data.

Steven Lak from port entrepreneur association Deltalinqs, said: “Preparing our logistics chain for this now will enable all cargo to travel through Dutch ports quickly, even after Brexit. If we don’t do this, we’ll all come to a standstill after Brexit.”

Find out more on the Get Ready for Brexit website here.