Kelvion expands waste heat recovery portfolio

Kelvion expands waste heat recovery portfolio
Kelvion Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger

Kelvion has added an Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger (EGHE) and an EcoMi modular economiser to its waste heat recovery solutions portfolio to boost efficiency and reduce emissions from ships and other applications.

The EGHE transfers heat produced by exhaust gases from combustion engines to a liquid. When heated up, this liquid can be used on board ships and land-based plants.

The design is compact, making it suited to processes where space is limited. The EGHE is made from high-alloyed stainless steel and can handle temperatures up to 550C. The design can also withstand high continuous stress caused by vibration and pressure pulsation.

The EGHE will complete the Kelvion product line Engine Air & Gas Coolers and will be put on the market in February 2019.

The modular Economizer: EcoMi is a type of heat exchanger that recovers residual heat from oil, gas or wood-fired boilers for reuse in other thermal operations. This new model combines the economizer’s proven economic advantages with a modular design to improve versatility and savings.

EcoMi can be installed vertically or horizontally for simple integration. The EcoMi can handle a wide range of gas flow volumes and be fitted with different tube variants or sheet types to suit operating conditions.