Intelligent Cargo Systems launches free port call efficiency tool

Intelligent Cargo Systems launches free port call efficiency tool

Maritime technology start-up Intelligent Cargo Systems has launched a free self-assessment tool that enables containership operators to see how port idle time affect their bunker consumption.

The Port Call Calculator asks for a few questions about the ship’s current approach, communication with fleet management in port, real-time measurements of port call idle time, and others to determine a port call efficiency rating. Those scoring below 80 per cent will likely be able to make significant bunker savings through process improvement and better use of technology.

According to research conducted by the EU-funded Sea Traffic Management Validation project, container ships incurred 71,202 hours of idle time at Europe’s major ocean-going ports in 2017. This represents an annual loss of EUR100 million, to the container sector alone.

Nick Chubb, head of growth, Intelligent Cargo Systems, said: “As 2020 approaches the need to make marginal efficiency gains across every area of vessel operations is increasing. A staggering amount of fuel is currently being wasted across the world through poor port call efficiency. This tool gives ship operators a quick and easy way to understand the scale of the problem and some insight into what savings can be made through the use of port call optimisation technology.”

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