ClassNK releases new PrimeShip-HULL software

ClassNK releases new PrimeShip-HULL software

ClassNK has released the latest version of its design support software PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) Ver.6.0.0, developed in response to the IACS Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (CSR BC & OT).

The new version incorporates the latest rule amendments to CSR BC & OT including amendments based on feedback from the industry.

Additional functions in the PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) prescriptive calculation software and direct strength assessment software have also been added or improved.

The upgraded software includes an enhanced calculation report function in the prescriptive calculation software, making it possible to create reports for multiple sectional data all at once. The update also allows users to change output settings in detail, enabling the sorting of reports by section, evaluation item and more.

Furthermore, the enhanced data linkage function with 2D CAD data enables users to load the sectional data of outside cargo parts. It is now possible to load the sectional data of all ship parts.

The direct strength assessment software also now contains a “Zooming Analysis” function, which can be used for design examination and strength evaluation with partial models cut out from hold models.

The mesh refinement function found in the direct strength assessment software has also improved to allow better mesh quality, even for complex structures.

The upgrades and enhancements are expected to reduce man hours and deliver shorter design lead times.