Probunkers invites proposals for LNG bunkering project

Probunkers invites proposals for LNG bunkering project

An ambitious liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering project led by Probunkers has invited stakeholders to submit proposals for the design of LNG bunkering vessels.

The project will oversee the design, build, and operation of a fleet of modern LNG bunkering vessels to operate in various ports worldwide. Seven LNG bunkering vessels will be built to start. Probunkers has asked interested companies to submit initial concept design proposals along with outline specifications and general arrangements for such vessel types.

The project aims to deliver inftrastructure and services that facilitate reliable LNG bunkering and plans to be among the early movers to support LNG as a marine fuel.

Probunkers’ technical manager Mr Andreas Zompanakis is responsible and will supervise the entire process.

Proposals can be submitted until Friday March 29, 2019.