Retrofit bottleneck a reality, says Goltens’ Maarten Jeronimus

Retrofit bottleneck a reality, says Goltens’ Maarten Jeronimus
Foundation structure prefabrication at Goltens workshop for a scrubber retrofit project. Image courtesy of Goltens

Urgency around the installation of scrubbers and ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) has set in according to Maarten Jeronimus, VP Goltens Europe and responsible for Goltens Worldwide Green Technologies.

“Whether it’s exhaust cleaning or ballast water management, they know there’s no way around compliance. But so many have waited to make their moves that the retrofit bottleneck has become a reality too.”

In order to offer their customers a faster track to compliance, Jeronimus says Goltens has been ramping up their retrofit capacity on scrubbers and BWTS. “For the past year or so, we have been adding resources to ensure capacity when the orders come in. We have been investing in hardware, software, personnel, and developing our expertise.”

Jeronimus says Goltens is doing everything it can to reduce the time a ship has to spend in dry-dock. Using scanning and detailed design, the shipyard or Goltens can prefab the necessary structural and piping changes, leaving only the necessary work to be done in dry-dock.

“We can also prefabricate pipes and other structures, without depending on subcontractors,” said Jeronimus. He believes that availability of fabrication capacity for highly accurate piping is going to be a bottleneck. Goltens will offer this service to its customers, not only for steel pipes but also for more exotic materials such as Ceramic coated steel pipes, Cunifer and Glassfibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes. “We consider this to be a big advantage as it reduces uncertainties in the entire process.”

Goltens has also completed or in the process of completing, 435 ballast water retrofit projects around the globe, ranging in scope from 3D scanning and modelling to turnkey installations of systems, and boasts an impressive order book of engineering packages for more than 100 additional vessels.

On the sulphur emissions control side, Goltens has completed or is in the process of completing 75 scrubber and LSMGO conversion projects and has been contracted to assist with the engineering of 50 out of 100 scrubbers ordered by Newport Shipping Group in a deal targeting shipowners looking for turnkey retrofits. Several fleet agreements have also been signed, adding up to 30 more scrubber projects. Goltens will provide 3D scanning as well as services such as design, prefabrication and installation for partial or full retrofits while vessels are in service.

“For both scrubbers and BWT systems, the orderbook is growing. 2019 will be very busy, especially since we will continue to develop the group,” Jeronimus confirms.