Eco Marine Power establishes new research institute

Eco Marine Power establishes new research institute

Japan-based Eco Marine Power (EMP) has developed a research institute to link together ship and marine related research projects and locations to share knowledge around renewable energy and green shipping technologies.

EMP, which develops renewable energy focused fuel and emissions reduction technologies for shipping and offshore applications, will lead research by the institute on the following areas:

  • Ship and marine solar power systems including photovoltaic (PV) panel technologies.
  • Airflow around ships and marine structures.
  • Ship-based automation, control and monitoring systems.
  • Autonomous and unmanned vessels.
  • Energy storage technologies including fuel cells.

Companies currently associated with the EMP Research Institute include The Furukawa Battery Company, Teramoto Iron Works & KEI System.

Starting from mid-2019 EMP will begin working with additional companies within the framework of the EMP Research Institute. In addition, EMP will work with its strategic partners to expand R&D activities at the Onomichi Marine Tech Test Center (MTTC) and on-board ships.

Companies interested in joining ongoing or future projects are also encouraged to contact EMP to discuss possible areas of co-operation.