GreenSteam joins Danish Green Ship partnership

GreenSteam joins Danish Green Ship partnership
Hafnia Lise, the test vessel used in the GSF 2019 Retrofit project

GreenSteam, supplier of machine learning based vessel performance solutions, has joined Denmark’s Green Ship of the Future.

Green Ship of the Future is a public private partnership for innovation, exploration and demonstration of technologies and methods that make shipping cleaner and more environmentally friendly. GreenSteam’s machine learning technology, which helps make sense of factors affecting vessel performance, will support Green Ship of the Future’s aim in making shipping more efficient and working towards industry decarbonisation.

GreenSteam’s machine learning Discover service will be used as part of the GSF 2019 Retrofit project, to investigate the effect of different fuel saving technologies, or combination of these technologies, have on vessel performance.  The Discover service, which can be applied to all vessel types, will be used to build an accurate performance model of the project vessel and identify a wide range of opportunities to improve efficiency.  Discover will also highlight any changes to the vessel performance created by the introduction of the different technologies to the ship and remove ‘noise’ by understanding external factors such as hull fouling, sea state and weather conditions.

Anne Katrine Bjerregaard, head of Green Ship of the Future, commented: “The role of digital technology in energy efficiency and emission reductions is a core topic in Green Ship of the Future. GreenSteam’s application of machine learning is a great example of how data can deliver deep insight into operational efficiency, leading to measurable financial gains and emission reductions. Accordingly, we are very pleased to welcome GreenSteam and their expertise into GSF and our work towards a sustainable development of the maritime industry, and as a partner in our 2019 retrofit series.”