Thames Clippers selects Reygar monitoring platform

Thames Clippers selects Reygar monitoring platform

A new catamaran ferry for MBNA Thames Clippers has been fitted with the cloud-based BareFLEET monitoring platform by Reygar to give high level insight into the performance of the new vessel as it enters service in London.

The high-speed ferry builder, Wight Shipyard, will use the monitoring system to collect remote data and analyse the performance of the vessel as it enters service, ensuring it delivers performance to design specification. The data will also feed into the design and build of future vessels, driving continuous operational improvements.

Wight Shipyard will monitor all operational and navigational activity, including the time spent at each berth. Vessel metrics including engine health, fuel use, and CO2 emissions are recorded, along with any alarms that have occurred throughout the day. BareFLEET provides daily vessel reports to keep track of vessel performance. This data is then fed back to Wight Shipyard via the cloud, and shared directly with Thames Clippers, creating full transparency between builder and vessel owner during the warranty period.

Continuous monitoring also enables the shipyard to address any issues for MBNA Thames Clippers before they result in downtime for the vessel. At the end of the shipyard monitoring period, the BareFLEET system can be handed over to MBNA Thames Clippers to maintain performance and safety throughout the operational lifetime of the vessel.

The vessel, which can carry 222 passengers will be used to transport commuters across London, features twin symmetric hulls for frequent and repeated berthing at London’s floating piers, and a propulsion system chosen for navigating the demanding tidal conditions of the River Thames at speed.

Chris Huxley-Reynard, engineering director, Reygar, said: “Comprehensive data monitoring is essential for both shipyards and vessel operators. Thorough reporting on how new vessels like Catamaran Venus Clipper perform is critical both in ensuring warranty claims are resolved equitably and verifying that the design is delivering to specification – ultimately meeting the commercial goals of the end-user.”

“BareFLEET will not only provide an important insight into the operation of this ferry as she begins her life on the Thames, keeping her on the water and available to passengers, but will also inform the design and development of new, smarter vessels in the future.”

“The ongoing collection of critical data by the BareFLEET system allows us to keep track of the vessel in operation, ensuring that it delivers against its potential and remains consistently available for MBNA Thames Clippers as they expand the River Bus offering to best serve London’s commuters,” added Ollie Gove, engineering manager, Wight Shipyard.