Visser Shipping secures scrubbers for 2020

Visser Shipping secures scrubbers for 2020
Value Maritime installs its scrubbers into a 20ft transportable casing for easy transport and retrofit onboard ships

Dutch shipping company Visser Shipping has signed a contract to outfit three of its 9.0 MW containerships with a new scrubber system developed by Value Maritime.

The hybrid-ready scrubber is a small prefabricated, pre-installed, “plug and play” system in a 20ft transportable casing, that filters sulphur and ultrafine particulate matter (PM 2.5) from a vessel’s exhaust gasses. The system assures compliance for vessels sailing within the IMO designated Emission Control Areas (ECAs), where a maximum sulphur limit of 0.1 per cent is enforced.

The Visser fleet consists of five modern containership and provides services throughout Northwest Europe. The shipping company has investigated scrubbers previously but found many retrofit options to be too complex and expensive. Value Maritime was chosen for its simple and cost-efficient scrubbers and retrofit process.

“The decision to install the new type of scrubbers from Value Maritime fits well into our philosophy. It ensures cost efficiency in the long term for our clients and also helps conserve the environment,” reports Visser Shipping.

The contract also includes an option for a fourth scrubber.

The Value Maritime scrubber comes in three sizes for vessels with various engine sizes. These include: 3.0MW, 6.0MW, and 9.0MW. A closed-loop only scrubber is also available from Value Maritime.

The scrubbers are set to be installed on Visser Shipping’s vessels between October and December this year to ensure compliance with the IMO’s 2020 sulphur cap from January 1.