Unique Group invests in Kamelia Cleantech to offer scrubber technology

Unique Group invests in Kamelia Cleantech to offer scrubber technology


Marine and subsea solution provider Unique Group has become a major shareholder in Kamelia Cleantech, a company that manufacturers scrubbers.

The partnership will offer a full range of end-to-end integrated scrubber solutions for removing sulphur dioxide (SOx) emissions from vessel exhausts. Kamelia Cleantech will combine its technical knowledge with Unique Group’s global presence to provide flexible customised solutions for new and old vessels with minimised downtime.

The scrubber systems provided by Kamelia Cleantech are modular and can be offered as open-loop, hybrid & hybrid ready. The systems are tailored according to the vessel and client requirements, thus ensuring fast turnaround and efficient service.

In addition, Kamelia Cleantech’s smart and adaptive control software helps optimise vessel operations by regulating alkali usage in closed-loop operation as well as scrubber water consumption for all operation modes, thereby leading to cost savings for the client.

“This partnership is an excellent fit for both Unique Group and Kamelia Cleantech. It is a key value addition to our portfolio, and we can now help clients comply with IMO regulations with our scrubber solutions.  We also have the capability to combine the scrubber work with our other services to give clients an integrated package,” said Sahil Gandhi, chief operating officer, Unique Group.

Kamelia Cleantech utilises a ‘work on voyage’ approach to reduce costs of finding and fitting scrubbers by up to 70 per cent.

“We can truly help vessels reduce the sulphur emissions from their exhausts according to the IMO Sulphur Emission Cap Regulations and contribute to a cleaner environment in the most economical way. The incorporation of Kamelia Cleantech into Unique Group extends our global presence and gives us the critical mass to deliver technically superior, end-to-end exhaust gas scrubber solutions to clients all over the world,” said Kaisa Marton, managing director, Kamelia Cleantech.