Equinor agrees cleaning deal with HullWiper

Equinor agrees cleaning deal with HullWiper

Equinor ASA has signed a hull cleaning frame agreement with HullWiper for its fleet of oil and gas tankers operating in Scandinavia, Far East, Middle East and Europe.

HullWiper provides safe and eco-friendly hull cleaning solutions to boost vessel efficiency and cut fuel consumption by enabling smooth and resistance-free ship surface to water contact. HullWiper’s Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) system with adjustable seawater jets will remove fouling from Equinor’s vessels, without the need for abrasive brushes or divers.

By eliminating brushes, the risk of damage to antifouling coatings is reduced. As no divers are required, underwater cleaning is much safer and can be conducted day or night, in most weather conditions, and whilst cargo operations are underway.

Removed residues are collected by an onboard filter and deposited into dedicated drums onshore for locally-approved environmental disposal. The filter also reduces the risk of cross-pollination of waters with alien species.

Simon Doran, HullWiper’s managing director says the partnership with Equinor reflects his company’s commitment to proving the global shipping community with innovative, eco-friendly solutions at a time of increasing regulation. “We help shipowners and operators to act proactively to comply with ever more stringent rules and regulations governing the entry of vessels into ports and operations offshore.”

HullWiper was launched in Dubai in late 2013 and now operates from ports in Sweden, Singapore, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Egypt, Australia, Gibraltar and the UAE, as well as other key locations in the Middle East on an ad hoc basis. New operations in Panama and Mauritius are coming in the second quarter of 2019, with advanced discussions ongoing for other locations specifically.