Fleet analytics tool eases MRV reporting procedure

Fleet analytics tool eases MRV reporting procedure
Linus Ideskog, director of development and product management, Lean Marine

Swedish company Lean Marine has helped to alleviate workload associated with the filing of data and verification of emission reports required under the European Union (EU) Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) regulation.

Lean Marine introduced its Fleet Analytics tool ahead of the first MRV reporting period, which requires ships above 5,000 GT to monitoring, report, and verify carbon emissions from 2018 in EU ports.

According to Lean Marine, a huge number of shipowners and operators are currently looking back on a stressful period during which they finalised and submitted MRV reports to the European Union during the first reporting period which ran from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. By April 30, 2019 the verification of emissions reports for each ship by an accredited verifier was also required for submission.

Lean Marine’s Fleet Analytics tool brings together all the benefits of onboard automatic data logging with the function of letting the crew create and sign-off on reports in one single intuitive tool. The result is a significantly streamlined reporting process.

Tanker owner and operator Donsötank has used Lean Marine’s Fleet Analytics system since the beginning of 2018. “If we hadn’t had the help of Fleet Analytics and Lean Marine’s support in creating the MRV reports it would have been a much different and much costlier process both for the people in the office and our crew. Fleet Analytics is simply a great tool for us to keep track of and analyse our vessels,” said Henrik Lorensson, technical manager at Donsötank.

Donsötank has also reduced its fuel consumption drastically reduced by using Lean Marine’s FuelOpt automation system for optimisation of the propulsion machinery.

“We believe that there are two great sources of information onboard a vessel” commented Linus Ideskog, product and development director at Lean Marine. “The first is the data that you can automatically gather from various sensors and sources on the ship, the second is what’s stored as crew knowledge and in their observations. Not until you can combine the two sources do you have a system that gives a good and honest picture of what’s happening onboard”.

Lean Marine will showcase both FuelOpt and Fleet Analytics at the Nor-Shipping trade show in Oslo next month. They will be based at stand A1:68.