Rising demand for cost-effective monitoring solutions for small vessel operators

Rising demand for cost-effective monitoring solutions for small vessel operators

Vessel operators working in the towage and CTV markets on the Atlantic Coast are looking to install Reygar’s BareFLEET monitoring system to improve operational efficiency and cut costs on smaller vessels.

According to Reygar, the company is seeing increased demand from operators of small vessels in the US. Typically, investment into digitalisation and monitoring has focussed on the larger end of the market but the development of cost-effective platforms that are integrated into existing vessel systems has removed the barrier to entry for smaller vessels looking to take advantage of advanced monitoring.

Reygar’s BareFLEET couples the latest remote data collection technology with advanced vessel performance monitoring software, delivering a solution that is easily integrated into existing systems to enhance fleet performance.

Charles A. Donadio, Jr., president of Atlantic Wind Transfers, who is installing BareFLEET on Atlantic Pioneer, the first offshore wind CTV in the U.S., said: “Adopting vessel monitoring and preventative maintenance strategies is a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on the lessons learnt by established players in the European market. BareFLEET’s reporting function will allow us to illustrate our high operational and performance standards to clients and prospective customers, which will be of huge commercial advantage as the offshore wind market develops in the U.S.”

Advanced monitoring also provides an opportunity for US towage firms to maximise vessel availability and quality of service for clients. The Norfolk Tug Company, a U.S. Waterways Transportation LLC firm, has also selected BareFLEET for installation to its Jack Holland tug.

BareFLEET was integrated into the Jack Holland’s existing IDEA SBA fleet management and maintenance logging system during a period of scheduled downtime. Combined, BareFLEET and IDEA SBA act as a pre-emptive, preventative maintenance system, using measured health information to trigger maintenance actions and warnings to the crew and operational team – who will then be able to act accordingly before equipment fails, minimising downtime.

Chris Huxley-Reynard, engineering director of Reygar, said: “With BareFLEET we are removing the barriers operators of small vessels across the offshore wind and towage industries have historically faced when it comes to advanced vessel monitoring. These firms are now able to take advantage of operational insight previously only available to operators of larger vessels.

“Advanced monitoring will allow these companies to get the most out of their fleet, drive operational improvements and support commercial advancement. Critically for operators of smaller, diverse vessels, this can now be done in a cost-effective way across the entire fleet, that is easily scalable as the US market expands.”