“K” Line pilots AirSeas kite technology

“K” Line pilots AirSeas kite technology
AirSeas has proven CO2 and fuel savings of up to 20 per cent with the SeaWing kite solution. Image courtesy of AirSeas

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (“K” Line) will install and service one vessel with AirSeas’ SeaWing automated kite technology with the aim to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel by 20 per cent through wind propulsion.

AirSeas, an Airbus spin-off, developed SeaWing, which is an automated kite that tows ships. It exploits a free source of energy that allows reduced power demand on the main engines.

SeaWing pilots the kite position, altitude and speed in order to provide the best thrust to the ship in a given situation. SeaWing can be re-installed on any vessel of a fleet. This allows flexibility to operating companies that are operating ships on a rental basis.

Once the first SeaWing is successfully delivered, “K” Line will contemplate an additional 50 SeaWing orders.

“SeaWing represents a breakthrough for our industry and for the environment. “K” Line is proud to demonstrate its commitment to the global environment by applying leading technology to improve ship efficiency and to solve the core issues of maritime emissions.  Beyond reducing our emissions by more than 20 per cent with its kite, AirSeas is a top end digital partner looking at integrating their solution with our “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” which is integrated vessel operation and performance management system in order to smartly manage our vessel operation. SeaWing reduces the environmental footprint of capsize vessel by 5,200 tons of CO2 per year depending on the vessel voyage route, that is contributing to achieving our goal to reduce CO2 emissions by half, targeting year 2050, in “K”LINE Environmental Vision 2050,” stated Mr Asano, SMEO of “K”LINE.

“We are proud that “K” Line as a leading shipowner confirms its trust towards AirSeas following its two years of intense assessment of our solution. With this deal, AirSeas will kick-start its industrial scale up. SeaWing’s innovative technology will become a leading energy efficient solution for the shipping industry, thus contributing to cleaner sky and oceans,” said Mr Bernatets, CEO of AIRSEAS.