Digital paint maintenance app brought to Kognifai platform

Digital paint maintenance app brought to Kognifai platform

KONGSBERG has integrated SteelCorr’s Digital Paint Report application into its Kognifai Marketplace to offer customers greater insight into hull coating performance and maintenance.

According to KONGSBERG, proper paint maintenance can extend asset life, and the right coating on a vessel hull can save up to 8 per cent in fuel costs. The addition of the digital paint report will provide users with a centralised management of all paint maintenance data of an asset on a secure collaborative platform. It promotes communication among the stakeholders and provides actionable insights to optimise paint performance and reduce maintenance costs.

“Maintenance is one of the most significant cost factors for maritime industries. The ability to plan, report and monitor according to constantly changing external factors is crucial for increasing efficiency, safety and accuracy of operations at sea. By joining the Kognifai Partner Program SteelCorr can offer their solution to customers on Vessel Insight and get access to a growing set of Kognifai services which will enable them to develop new functionality over time. This will lead to more and better applications for customers,” said Vigleik Takle, senior vice president of digital solutions in Kongsberg Digital.

“The Digital Paint Report is a simplified quality assurance and performance monitoring tool at a very reasonable cost. Everything from the maintenance plan to coating application to performance surveys can be documented and optimised on a single platform”, commented Leroy Dias, founder, SteelCorr, and continues “Making the application available on Kognifai enables customers to easily unlock its value enhancing potential.”

Customers of KONGSBERG’S new Vessel Insight platform launched in Oslo at the beginning of the month will have access to the Kognifai Marketplace with a number of value adding applications, including SteelCorr’s Digital Paint Report, available in the cloud.